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Rabbi Sermons

03/06/2019 11:09:47 AM


Disclaimer: Please note the sermons reflect the views of the Rabbi, and not necessarily those of Beit Shalom.



30/03/2024 09:32:02 AM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

One of my favourite Jewish texts is the one that appears part of the way through the Haggadah: “In every generation, each of us should regard ourselves as though we personally were redeemed from slavery in Egypt.” These words embody the immediacy I hope to convey when I lead a seder—the idea that we are not re-enacting the exodus, but rather ourselves living through it. The idea that each of us is called to imagine the experience of...Read more...

Jewish Content at 2023 Festivals

25/01/2023 06:00:12 PM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky


Rabbi Shoshana's Not-quite-complete guide to Jewish content at the festivals


Adelaide Festival Nagapa William Cooper

"Nigel Westlake and Lior unite again for Ngapa William Cooper, a moving new piece composed and written by Westlake and Lior with creative input by Dr Lou...Read more...

Irving Kaminsky Eulogy

30/11/2022 02:11:12 PM


Irving Kaminsky Eulogy available to download here



Might -have - beens and moving on with life

24/02/2020 02:27:20 PM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

It was a split second misjudgement, and it almost cost me dearly.

I was preparing to head off to the dentist on my bicycle. My dog O-cha generally sits patiently in the garage close to the back door, and watches as I walk my bicycle out the door and close the garage. This time he was sitting, but between me and garage door. I opened the garage door, and he slipped out into the great outdoors. It so happened that an Uber Eats...Read more...

Reflecting on 25 years as a Rabbi

09/10/2019 02:28:52 PM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

A joke for Kol Nidre: on the eve of Yom Kippur, the rabbi, cantor and president of a large synagogue are kidnapped by terrorists. The terrorists tell the three Jewish leaders that they will be executed, but that all three have been granted a last wish.

The rabbi speaks first, “Ah—Yom Kippur. Over my forty year career, I have given my most memorable sermons on Yom Kippur. They were so deeply moving! Some of them were close to 45...Read more...

Opening Our Eyes

02/02/2019 03:32:06 PM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

I watched the 2016 movie Spotlight on a long-haul flight. I had put off watching it when it was first released, because I was afraid that I would find the depiction of child sexual abuse too upsetting.Read more...

Rabbis and Politics 

25/10/2018 03:43:02 PM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

The mainstream press was all abuzz last week with talk about my colleague Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins, longtime rabbi of Emanuel Synagogue in Woollahra. Read more...

Guarding the Earth–a sermon for Parshat Noach 

25/10/2018 10:35:20 AM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

I am well and truly blessed that part of my bicycle ride from home to the synagogue takes me along Adelaide’s gorgeous Linear Park. Read more...

Welcoming Guests - Kol Nidre 5779

25/10/2018 10:00:48 AM


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

On Rosh Hashanah, I began a series of sermons on the five values that are a part of Beit Shalom’s mission. At those two services, I spoke about chesed–grace, and also Torah. This evening, I want to talk with about hachnasat orchim.Read more...
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