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“Music is what takes you where you are to where you want to be” Baal Shem Tov

The Beit Shalom choir has expanded from its beginnings in the 1980s as a High Holy Day choir to be an anticipated part of simchas and even multicultural events outside the synagogue.  

The choir is a feature of the Kristallnacht commemoration held at St Francis Xavier Cathedral, as well often stealing the show in the annual Purim spiel, and has added to the Yom Ha Shoah and Yom Hazikaron observances.   The choir is proud to be part of our congregation and community, giving voice to our thoughts and prayers.

If anyone is interested in singing with the choir, please contact the choir coordinator or the rabbi.  Anyone interested in joining the choir should feel comfortable reading music or picking up new melodies and harmonies quickly. 

“It is said that one who sings prays twice.”

Mon, 20 May 2024 12 Iyar 5784