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Andrew Steiner OAM

Andrew Steiner OAM is a long standing contributer to the fabric of Beit Shalom. His work over the years has shaped the environment and celebrations of the congregation, providing both a beautiful environment for worship, and a sense of belonging and inspiration for the community.

Andrew, a holocaust survivor, experienced the atrocities of war before moving to Australia in 1948 with his parents and his sister. He has dedicated much of his art and his life to educating others about compassion for others and the sanctity of life. His has recently been working on the culmination of his lifes work – the Adelaide Holocaust Centre and Steiner Education Centre – a legacy of remembrance and education, and a plea for peace in our time.

“The Holocaust museum will really extend its role far beyond the Holocaust itself, we aim to work towards a better and more compassionate and fairer world,” Mr Steiner said.

“Our system of education is based on the power or art as an educational tool, the sanctity of life, never to hate, the power of one individual and what a difference one person is capable of making, individual rights and responsibilities … respecting all and treating everyone the way one wishes to be treated.”

Magen David created in honour of Beit Shalom's 50th Anniversary

Ten Commandments, made in honour 150th anniversary of the arrival of Abraham Jacob and Julia Solomon in South Australia

Intertwined Shofars, honouring two beloved long time community members

Tree of Life

Twelve Tribes of Israel



Eternal Dream


Zicharon Remembrance - Dedicated to the memory of Andrew's father, mother, sister and niece.

Torah Door Handles

Mon, 20 May 2024 12 Iyar 5784