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Our Sisterhood

The Sisterhood – once called the Ladies Guild – is an association of the women of the synagogue and has been going for almost fifty years. Currently we perform two main functions. The first is hospitality. This is conducted through our wonderful Catering Committee who take care of catering for all synagogue functions. The Catering Committee is also the main fundraising arm of the Sisterhood. The money raised goes towards upgrading the synagogue facilities.

Secondly, we aim to assist in the education, entertainment and friendship of women in the community. At the moment this is done mainly through our Book Group which meets bi-monthly and discusses a book with a Jewish theme. These informal meetings not only provide an opportunity to learn from each other, but also just to have a good time and get to know each other better.

Other activities organised by the Sisterhood have included trips to Fringe events and movies, walking tours and talks by experts in a number of fields. We’ve also held seminars on aspects of Jewish living, as well as craft activities. Our Embroidery Group deserves a special mention for the amazing pieces it has created for the synagogue.

Our Sisterhood work together to maintain and enhance the creative, educational and convivial life of our synagogue

Thu, 25 July 2024 19 Tammuz 5784